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Some info about ID cards

Identification (ID) cards have become an essential component of facility and workplace safety, and it's nearly impossible to walk into a workplace without one. Organizations equip employees/students with ID cards to easily identify who does and does not belong in the building and to streamline personnel processes. ID badges can play a pivotal role in an organization's security plan, and creating the right card is imperative to achieving security goals. By considering the following ten ID card components, organizations can create the perfect ID card to meet their needs.

  • Add a visual security element to ID cards by incorporating your organization's logo. Be sure your ID card design is consistent with the current marketing style sheet, including font, logo, and colors to reinforce the brand's message and project a professional image. A corporate logo is a highly recognizable image for employees and security personnel. A holographic overlay of your custom logo that can be seen when your ID card is turned at an angle. By incorporating your logo into the ID card design, it will be more difficult for fraudulent cards to be created.
  • An effective ID card design is both attractive and functional, and your card design can be just as important as the security features it encompasses. Time should be invested into the design of your ID card to ensure it meets all of your security and branding needs. The card design itself can also provide valuable information using colors and graphics. For instance, hospital ID cards often assign a specific color to different floors or departments, making it simple to identify where employees work. The color bar system can also designate various security clearances.
  • Depending on what security or data features are included, ID cards can be single- or dual-sided. Determine what ID card functions are priorities for the organization and consider how much space will be needed. A dual-sided card can include a lot of information and features without sacrificing design. With a dual-sided card, you also have the ability to add important information to the back of the card, such as a mission statement or emergency contact numbers
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ID Cards Accessories

Some info about ID cards accessories

ID card accessories help display ID cards and badges in a variety of ways, with additional features for safety and added convenience for your cardholders. Choose from lanyards, reels, holders, clips and more.

  • Easily create custom silk screened lanyards for your organization. After receiving your request, we'll send a final proof for your approval. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. For additional options including embroidery or double sided printing, please call 89889-60161

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